McDonald’s flames Burger King !


McDonald’s France has decided to do a commercial shot in order to bother Burger King. And for that, the fast food chain has install a panel of 20 meters high on a country road.

McDonalds has erected a giant billboard in Brioude, City of 6700 citizen in « Haute-Loire » to indicate the drive Burger King nearest and all the steps it takes to get there. The gesture could be nice if the drive-thru in question was not located 258 km away. Next, a more mundane panel merely indicates McDrive 5 km, all right.


McDonald decided to play on the field where Burger King excelled : web and social networks. But when you enter the competition, it is expected the backlash.

Matthéo Pressmar, commercial director at TBWA \ PARIS, the HuffPost: « We decided to make a nod to Burger King because they come regularly tickle us on social networks. They do not have the means to do big communication campaigns as McDonald’s while they play online, but it’s starting to annoy franchisees and McDonald’s.  »

« It is expected a ‘thank you to advertise for free’ or that they are launching an operation such as’ made the 258 km and we offer you a Whopper » anticipates Matthéo Pressmar without really knowing what expect.