French Classics : the Paris-Brest


If you’re new to France, you have probably heard of a dessert with an intriguing name : the Paris-Brest ! What is it ?

The Paris-Brest traces its roots in the bicycle race Paris-Brest-Paris, which was created in 1891. The first Paris-Brest dessert appeared in 1910 after pastry cook Louis Durand was told by journalist Pierre Giffard to create a dessert with the shape of a bicycle wheel to celebrate the race. This is the reason why the cake is circular.

A Paris-Brest is made of choux pastry, praline flavoured cream and almonds on top of it…

Bon appétit !

Picture : Par Dainee Ranaweera — Flickr: St Petrocs Hotel – Paris Brest, CC BY-SA 2.0,