Brexit : What consequences for Erasmus students ?

The results of the referendum in Great Britain have arrived : the British want to withdraw from the European Union. 51.9% of voters chose to leave, creating a political quake with many consequences.

What does it mean for Erasmus students ?

First of all, the consequences of the leave of Great Britain from the EU won’t appear immediately. The process of leaving the EU must be complete before.

However, we can see some of the possible consequences of it for Erasmus students. First, according to The Telegraph, 5.5% of the students in Great Britain come from Europe. These European students contributed to generate about £3.7 billion and to create about 34,000 jobs. Great Britain will have to do without this financial manna.

Then, European students will have to pay higher tuition fees if they choose to go to study in Great Britain, because they will be considered as International Students and not as Erasmus students anymore. Universities or schools in other European countries will have to send their students in other countries if they want to save money. Great Britain was also the first destination for Erasmus students in countries like France.

Moreover International students will now have to get a visa to go to Britain, and this could have a deterrent effect on students.

Nonetheless Great Britain can renegotiate the agreements just like countries like Switzerland to go on welcoming Erasmus students with a special status.