Best second-hand shops in Paris


For all fashion lovers, second hand shops are like treasure chests and good news, Paris is full of them. It is not always easy to choose the best shop among this jungle of second hand shops. Cheap or chic ? This article will help you to find your happiness.

€ = from 5 euros €€ = from 20 euros €€€ = from 50 euros

Free’p’Star €

The smell is indeed not the best and it is crowded. However it is located in the heart of le Marais and if you don’t go there during the week-end you may obtain a good deal. This shop is  the second hand shop star because of its wide range. Hats, boots… you will find happiness for a very small price. Don’t forget to have a look upstair !

Freepstar | LeBonbon

Monday – Friday : 11a m – 9 pm / Saturday & Sunday : noon – 9 pm
8 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie 75004
01 42 76 03 72

By Flowers €

This small second hand shop from the 18th arrondissement has an half bohemian half crazy spirit. Clothes are totally mixed but don’t let it scare you. Unlike most of the cheap second hand shops the selection is very interesting. If you search carefully you might just find THE treasure for a ridiculous price. Don’t hesitate to come back because there is a regular restocking. 

By Flowers | Le Bonbon

By Flowers
Monday & Sunday : 2,30 pm – 8,30 pm / Tuesday – Saturday : 11 am – 20,30 pm
86 rue des martyrs

KiloShop €

I would like 3 kg of jeans and 200g of T-shirt ! In this shop you will weigh your clothes as if they were market vegetables. KiloShop proposes very attractive prices : 30€ for a dress kilo and 20€ for a t-shirt kilo. Make sure to choose  lightweight garments to not tip the scales and the porte-monnaie heavily.

Kiloshop | LeBonbon

Monday – Saturday : 11am – 9 pm
Kilo Shop 
Marais :
69-71 rue de la Verrerie
Kilo shop Saint Germain :
125 boulevard Saint Germain

Guerrisol €

This is the Lidl of clothes. Inescapable Parisian second hand shop, Guerrisol proposes high quality vintage articles at a very small price. However, once again to find the perfect piece you will need patience and researches.


19 avenue de clichy
10 am – 7,30 pm
01 40 08 03 00
96 Boulevard de Barbes 75018
10 am – 8 pm
01 53 28 10 70

Rag et Vertiges €

Those 2 second hand shops nearby offer both a wide choice. One proposes clothes and vintage boots, the other a nice selection of doc Martins. Here you will find sweaters, dresses, purses and brand-name clothing  at highly competitive prices. Don’t miss lingerie articles and dresses from the 80’s. There is also a huge amount of shoes ! From 4 up to 400€  there is a wide range of prices. 

RAG et VERTIGES | le Bonbon

Monday – Saturday : 10 am – 8 pm / Sunday : noon – 8 pm
83 (Rag) et 85 (Vertiges) rue Saint Martin 75004
01 48 84 34 64
Rag, 81 rue Saint Honoré Paris
Louvre Rivoli 75001
01 40 28 48 44

Fripes Ketchup €€

If you are looking for a chic second hand shop then you are looking for Fripes Ketchup, a design and modern stop. You will find here a premium selection (no acrylic sweaters that ruined your childhood but silk scarves and rock jackets). 

Fripes Ketchup | LeBonbon

Fripes Ketchup 
8 rue Dancourt 75018
01 42 51 96 33

La jolie garde-robe €€

With its nice set and selection, this shop is aptly named. In this place loved by stylists each peace is carefully chosen and has a bizarre, delicate or precious details ! Clothes are in excellent shape and the price is adequate. 

La Jolie Garde Robe | le Bonbon

La jolie garde-robe
15 rue des Commines 75003
Tuesday – Saturday : 1 am – 7,30 pm , or by appointment 
01 42 72 13 90

Mam’zelle Swing €€€

Pin-ups and retro look lovers, this shop is made for you !  Premium selection and good advices. Shoos, scarves, lingeries, skirts, dresses… All pieces come from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Be careful with the prices, skirts and dresses  start at 75 €

Mam’ zelle Swing | le Bonbon

Mam’zelle Swing
35 rue du Roi de Sicile  75004
Monday – Saturday : 2pm – 7 pm
01 48 87 04 06

Iglaïne €€

This small vintage shop has a dreamy and nice atmosphere. Every piece has a story and there is a wide range of men and women clothes.

Iglaine | le Bonbon

12 Rue de la Grande Truanderie 75001
Métro : Etienne Marcel
Monday – Saturday : 11 am – 7 pm
01 42 36 19 91

La Petite Fripe €€

Veritable institution since its opening in the Oberkampf neighborhood,  la Petite Fripe is very charming and everybody wants to have a look inside. Nice deco and layout. You will find there a wide range of shoes and accessories (hats, glasses, bags…)

La Petite Fripe | LeBonbon

La Petite Fripe
118 Rue Oberkampf 75011
Parmentier, Ménilmontant
01 49 23 40 92

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